Articulation Chart

Voice Type Available on Sampler doable? Description
Regular Everything Yes Samples without any effect (aka Vanilla / Normal / PCM).
Cool! PSR-E363+
PSR-S Series
CVP Series
CSP Series
Tyros Series
Yes Extra effects (e.g. Chorus, Equalizer, etc.), longer samples. Some tones uses Velocity Switch as well. For Electronic Instruments (EP's, Organs, Electric Guitars and Electric Basses).
(Seperate Samples maybe required)
Live! PSR-EW410+
PSR-S Series
CVP Series
CSP Series
Tyros Series
Yes Stereo sample, reverb effect. For Acoustic Instruments and Ensemble Instruments, along with Choirs.
(Seperate Samples maybe required)
Sweet! PSR-E363+
PSR-S Series
CVP Series
CSP Series
Tyros Series
Yes Vibrato'd sample. For Solo Orchestra Instruments, Vibraphone, Mandolin and Harmonica.
(Seperate Samples required)
Natural! CVP-20x+
DGX-660+ (Piano)
Yes High Quality samples. Higher than the above 3 type of tones.
External Emulation
OrganFlutes! PSR-S775+
CSP Series
Tyros Series
setBfree only
(Will be converted to "Cool!" or "Regular" for samplers)
Adjustable Tonewheel Organs. You can change drawbars in realtime (Samplers like TX16Wx, SoundFont can't do this, only default parameters). There is a Tonewheel Organ emulator called "setBfree", which is a plugin of JACK Audio Connection Kit.
VRM CVP-701+
CLP Series
CSP Series
Will be converted to Natural! Virtual Resonance Model. Piano exclusive. External harmonic and resonance samples are required for use, but this is imperfect.
MegaVoice PSR-S670+
Tyros Series
Maybe. I tested the
Velocity Range still
works when fixed
velocity is set.
(Expect Legato)
Different articulations with different velocity range and key ranges. Uses fixed velocity.
Much like Jazz Scat (Bank 6 Prg 054) from Roland SC-8850. Unlike Jazz Scat, the MegaVoice Map is available in the data list.
S.Art! PSR-S775+
Tyros 2+
No Super Articulation 1. Affacts polymode, randomized layers, modulation wheel (e.g. Rotary Speaker Change for Organ), etc. Also includes triggerable articulation. Therefore, It has to remove this articulation and convert to basic articulations for samplers!
S.Art2! Tyros 3+
No Super Articulation 2. Orchestral Tones only. It's called "Articulation Element Modeling". Same as S.Art!, but this also affacts vibrato control, to be more realistic. This articulation is patented, so it doesn't allowed. Therefore, same conversion of "S.Art!" articulation for samplers!
New Roland Must be converted to
Natural! (Yamaha-
esqued), "PCM" or

Similiar as "S.Art!", "S.Art2!", "VRM" and "Natural!" tones.
"SuperNATURAL®" Piano is same as VRM Pianos in Yamaha Clavinova Series.
"SuperNATURAL®" Synth is a natural Synth. (Like ZynAddSubFX, Surge, etc. These must be used)
"SuperNATURAL®" Drums = Revo! Drums.
These are physically modelled.
Thus, must be converted to "SemiNATURAL" (Natural! if is Yamaha-esqued, Expressive! on Strix Side) tones on samplers!
"Legato (:)"
SC-88Pro+ Partial (Single
Sample only
for TX16Wx,
Nothing of Open Source samplers
can do legato for
multiple samples!
It's completely
undoable in SoundFonts!)
A patch that already enabled legato (CC68).
Early version of "S.Art!" patches, without extra effects.
Similiar as polymode "Mono ST+FP" in Surge.
Wide / KSP All GS Devices
All XG Devices
Yes These patches are spatialized, which means Lower Key at Left Pan, Higher Key at Right Pan.
D (Dark) All GS Devices Yes Dark / Mellow / Warm sound.
V(elo Mix) All GS Devices Yes Velo Crossfade / Velocity Switch.
Keyoff ("O") All GS Devices Yes Keyoff Sample. Seperate Samples are required.
St(ereo) SC-88+ Yes Early version of "Live!" patches, but without reverb. can be applied other than Yamaha's "Live!" patches.
Tin Whistle /
Uillean Pipe
SC-8850 Yes Nm: Normal, it doesn't affact Mod Env -> Pitch (c).
Or: Orchestra, it affacts Mod Env Decay, Hold, Release (s), and Mod Env -> Pitch (c).

Tin Whistle and Uillean Pipe are have two articulations, one is velocity switch, the other 2 are seperate articulations.
"Basic" SC-8850
Yes Lowpass 12db Filter'd patch. Blues Harp only (Later appears in PSR-S670).
"Supple" SC-8850 Yes Highpass 12db Filter'd patch. Seperate Samples are required for SoundFonts. Blues Harp only.
Chord(Code) SC-8850 Yes This represents chord in Voice Oohs.
Exp(ressive) SC-88Pro+ Yes Velocity Switch. Early version of "Sweet!" patches.
SC-88Pro+ Yes This is baroque flute. Currently restricted. Please send freely licensed (GPL-compatible) samples to if found.
Electric Guitar
SC-88Pro+ Yes TC: Fender Telecaster Guitars. These are available on freepats, under GPL V3 Licence, with exception.
LP: Les Paul Guitars. These are available on FlameStudios website, under GPL V3 Licence, but the exception is another one, should be compatible with freepats' exception?
JC: Amplified with Roland's "Jazz Chorus" Guitar Amplifier, similiar as Darlings.gx in Guitarix (Linux only).
Mt (Muted) SC-8850 Yes Muted Percussion. Short Vol Env Hold, Decay and Release (s).
Op (Open) SC-8850 Yes Open Percussion.
Side SC-8850 Yes Drum hitting on the side, like Side Stick. Kelontuk (Never heard this, therefore sampleless) only. Seperate Samples are required.
"Random" SC-88Pro+ Yes "Sample and Hold" LFO. Seperate Samples are required. For best performance, use Surge.
"Comp." SC-88Pro+ Yes Clavi only. Maybe compress? Seperate Samples are required.
LFO SC-88Pro+ Yes LFO Envelope. Seperate Samples are required other than sine LFO.
Dly (Delay) SC-88Pro+ Yes Delay effect. Bass only in SC-88Pro+.
"PM" SC-88Pro+ Partial ... Just Synth Leads with Portamento FX (CC5 + CC65), like "Portatone" in Yamaha Keyboards. Can only be re-created via Surge.
prefixes for
SC-88+ /
All XG Devices
(DX, LM)
Yes 2600: Arp 2600 (Arppe2600va emulates this, non-free)
CS: Yamaha CS-80 Synthesizer (Arminator 2 emulates this, should be non-free)
D-50: Self-explantory. Linear Synthesizer (Now is D-05). Saw and Square are required for D-50 esqued voices
Digi: Digital (e.g. Digi Church)
DX: Yamaha DX7, emulatable via Dexed (GPL)
Farf: Farfisa (Organ only for SC-88Pro+. Farfisa Grand Piano also available)
FM: Self-explantory. Similiar as Yamaha DX7 (Dexed emulates this, GPL)
GR: GR-300
Hybrid: Mixed with Acoustic and Electric / Synthesized instruments (Like MIDI Grand in Yamaha PSR-S975)
JP (Jupiter) Series: Self-explantory (Super-7 emulates SuperSaw, non-free)
JPMG: Maybe Jupiter & Moog hybrid?
JUNO Series: Self-explantory
JX-8P: Roland JX-8P Synthesizer (PG-8X emulates this, closed source, therefore non-free)
KG: Maybe "Korg"?
LA: Linear Arithmetic. D-50 / D-05 esqued
LM: Unknown Synthesizer
MG: Moog (Freemoog emulates this. Freemoog is freeware, NOT free software)
MKS: Self-explantory. Only brasses
OB: Oberheim
P5: Sequential Circuits Prophet 5
SH-5: Self-explantory
TB-303 (TB or 303): Self-explantory. For acid musics
VS: Sequential Prophet VS

Emulators are:
Dexed: DX, FM
ZynAddSubFX and Surge: Others

Seperate Samples are required for: Farf, D-50, LA
Seperate Samples are optional for: Digi, DX, JUNO, JP, JX8P
prefixes for
Yes Velo: Velocity Switch like "Mini Classic Velo+" in Genos
Atk: Fast attack (Zampona Atk is standalone attack)
Trem: Tremolo
sfz: Sforzando. Brass sfz (Yamaha PSR-S975 includes this) and Synth Brass sfz only
Seperate Samples are required for: Tremolo
Seperate Samples are optional for: Atk, Velo, sfz
Drums / SFX Everything Yes Normal Percussion.
Live! Series PSR-S775+
Yes Stereo Percussion, reverb effect, dynamic samplng.
(Seperate Samples maybe required)
Revo! Series Genos Hydrogen only Special Percussion. Live! Series + randomized layers (SoundFont can't do this!) = Revo! Series. (Like SC-8850's L/R Kits and SC-88Pro's Standard 3 Kit)
(Elf Side) /
(Strix Side)
Conversion Yes "SuperNATURAL®" tones on samplers.
(Super Natural Classic only)
(Elf Side) /
(Strix Side)
Conversion Yes "MegaVoice" articulation on samplers.
(Starlight Dream only)
Dream! Original Yes Elf's Original Articulation. These sounds are stronger vibrato'd, longer release time, but now are synthes.
Angelic! Original Yes Elf's Original Articulation. Same as above, but adds Reverb and Decay (a.k.a Echo) effects.

This is the quote of note on S.Art, S.Art2 and MegaVoice Patches, which taken from Yamaha Keyboard Manual:
"1. S.Art!, S.Art2! and MegaVoices are not compatible with other instrument models. For this reason, any Song or Style you've created on this instrument using these Voices will not sound properly when played back on the instruments which do not have these types of Voices.
2. S.Art!, S.Art2! and MegaVoices sound differently depending on keyboard range, velocity, touch, etc."

Thus, we can't do these patches on any samplers, nor emulate them. It must be converted to basic articulations!
(Plus SuperNATURAL articulation)

Tyros and PSR-S Series are discontinued, current yamaha keyboard is PSR-SX700/900 and Genos.

SuperNATURAL is a registered trademark of Roland, AEM / Articulation Element Modeling is a trademark of Yamaha. Other trademarks are properties of their respective owners.

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