Random Fluffs / Fun Facts

No. # Text
#1 None of freely licenced Chinese Ethnic Instruments exist at all, only either in commercial sources (like Ample China PiPa, Kong Audio, etc.) or restricted sources (non-commercial use only, prohibit distribution for example), due to there're hard works. Please don't find them!
#2 Yamaha PSR-S975's sounds are amazing! Lots of tones and styles!
#3 It's impossible to find Jazz Scat's velocity range, unlike Yamaha's MegaVoice Map! Thus, our full SC-8850 Support are almostly impossible......
#4 None of a real "Electric Grand" exist (Airfont 380's CP-80 is from Keyboard sources instead of a real CP-80, IDK Fluid R3's CP80 is from, maybe also from arranger keyboards?), especially freedom sources.
#5 The word "Realistic" means: Samples that from a non-3rd party modules like acoustic / electric / analog tones.
#6 No modulator envelopes and Legato in SoundFonts, which means real "Random" (Sample and Hold envelope) series and Legato patches are undoable. Thus, SC-88Pro/SC-8850 compatible SoundFonts are imperfect.
#7 Flower Angel musics are mostly Edirol VSTi's and SGM-V2.01. Harp in SGM is from Roland Edirol Orchestral, but that one used in Flower Angel is from Roland SC-88.
#8 MIDI Grand Piano, is a combination of FM Electric Piano and Acoustic Grand Piano. (Like Hybrid Strings)
#9 Parasol of Friendship (Item of Cartoon "Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: Smart Dodging") is too horrible.
#10 Magical Girl is a danger occupation.
#11 Being a magician (Either Magical Girls or Magical Boys), basically you'll need Pure Heart, Magic Wand and Spells. Transformation isn't necessary.
#12 Dub is my favor, mainly I dubbed all Flower Angel's episode.
#13 No more freedom Real Acoustic Guitars...... I found only 3 in freesound, one is PD and the other 2 are CC-BY.
#14 VSTHost isn't freedom due to commercial unusable. Don't use formally. Instead, use commercial permitted VST Hosts like LMMS, Darkwave Studio, etc.
#15 Ardour is: Free for build, pay for binary.
#16 C7 Superstar Grand (From Genos) is a Piano Pad (Piano + FM EP + Warm Pad).
#17 The most expensive synthesizer is Yamaha Genos, then PSR-S975, then PSR-S775.
#18 Tip for buying synthesizer: For beginner, buy the less than 1000 RMB one (e.g. Yamaha PSR-F51, PSR-E363, Medeli M211, etc.); for qualify, buy 1000-3000 RMB's one (e.g. Casio CTK-7300, Yamaha KB-291, etc); for fun, buy 3000-8000 RMB's one (e.g. Yamaha PSR-S670, PSR-E463, etc.); Higher than 8000 RMB's are for professional use (e.g. Yamaha PSR-S975, Genos, etc.).
#19 Don't buy toy / cheap synthesizers / keyboards. If you wanna cheap, buy a MIDI Keyboard (25 or 37 keys) and connect to your favorite DAW's, VST Hosts or FreePiano instead.
#20 FreePiano (Surge is no sound) is suitable for Keyboard Players and Music Beginner. It's BSD + GPL licensed.
#21 Genos' 70's Meditation EP is: Music Box + Suitcase (Rhodes) Piano + FM Electric Piano + Warm Pad.
#22 Electric Grand can be easily made via lessly natural piano samples. since we have no free CP-80 Samples (Not count for sampled synthesizers) exist, we can emulate CP-80 Dance Piano by using Acoustic Grand Piano samples.
#23 I think there're no freedom Virtual MIDI Cables exist at all. I only found MIDIYoke (Not work in Win10), loopMIDI, LoopBe1, last 2 are non-freedom, due to loopMIDI is non-commercial use and LoopBe1 is donation for commercial use. Maybe buy a MIDI Keyboard instead?
#24 Fluidsynth 1.x's limit is chaining SoundFonts up to 1GB instead of 2 GB per file and chains up to available RAM!
#25 LinuxSampler is non-free, because the license is: "LinuxSampler is licensed under the GNU GPL with the exception that USAGE of the source code, libraries and applications FOR COMMERCIAL HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE PRODUCTS IS NOT ALLOWED without prior written permission by the LinuxSampler authors." (Maybe prohibit for commercial usage, for example: use this for making music)
#26 VSCO2's Piano Samples only can be replaced with Yamaha SU-7 Pianos due to it's Upright Piano.
#27 PSR-SX Series are available in China at now.
#28 TX16Wx prohibits redistribute + money charges (MIT + 2 limitations).
#29 Strix's Random Fluff #57: Super Articulations are Yamaha exclusive. Thus, we can't do them by any samplers (Like TX16Wx, Kontakt [Commercial], SoundFont, etc.), nor emulate them.
#30 I'm not gonna support any Game SoundFonts! I made GSF only just for fun.
#31 Freely licenced CFX (Not C7) finally available......
#32 Since Guitarix is Linux only, There're two other options: 1. Use Audacity's Distortion + Equalizer feature; 2. Use LMMS' TAP Equalizer + WaveShape Effect. (For Electric Guitars)
#33 Are there more free(dom) synthesizers that can load large SoundFonts? Please find out! If no, then, disappointed.
#34 Maybe banks MSB + LSB (This means Bank MSB >0 + Bank LSB Controllers) is impossible to do? (Some players have LSB Feature)
#35 Polyphone's Auto Loop feature really bad, I used Audacity's Repeat + Crossfade features instead.
#36 I don't think England's Philharmonia Orchestra samples are CC-BY-SA. The real license is "The only restriction is they must not be sold or made available 'as is' (i.e. as samples or as a sampler instrument)." This means the sample can't be shared in any form, whatever modified or not.
#37 "Kelontuk" maybe doesn't exist in the real world.
#38 Using "BASS" Series in commercial areas are require donation.
#39 The truth of Electric Grand are revealed! It's same as Normal Grand Piano but it's processed via extra FX (like Equalizer)!
#40 SC-8820's max instrument layer are 2, SC-8850 is 4.
#41 Sign languages are vary from person of person.
#42 Fun Fact: DSOUNDFONT isn't a perfect SoundFont family. The two cons are: (1) Still mixed with 3rd party materials (such as XG Remap), maybe non-free. (2) Unbalanced volume by each tones. My Starlight Dream is perfect, all natural / realistic and re-synthesized samples.
#43 SGM's Brass Section (Upper Part) is come from Roland!